Minor Detail

So there are some things I'm really good at, like falling really far behind on blogging. I know what you're thinking, but hey it's a gift! Well with all that's been going on and trying to post in chronological order I forget one minor detail. Our son is WALKING!!! No not just a couple steps or attempting to jump from one couch to another. Just straight up walling from the living room to his back bedroom. That's like 40 baby steps people!

He took his first couple steps ever at the beginning of June, the 10th to be exact. Then when we went to lunch with Grandma on the 25th she asked if he was walking. I mentioned the three steps but not much had developed since. Well that must have sparked his memory that he was trying to walk. Because the second we got to my Mom's house to visit he started practicing like a mad man. Then finally "walking", real walking happened that weekend...

I can't even believe it. And now two weeks later he is a pro. Not to mention he's picking up speed. I guess I should start preparing for college now while I still have time!

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