Miller Wedding: Another one bites the dust

So on May 1st one of Daddy's closet friends tie the big fat knot with an adorable gal and her adorable daughter. We were so glad to be able to fly back for the wedding and see the miracle happen ourselves. Let's be honest, I thought he would be a bachelor for life!! ;o)  I only got a few photos I liked, mostly since there were cameras flashing all over the place and I didn't want to be " that girl at the wedding taking all the photos" that wasn't the photographer!! Everything about the day was beautiful. And it was so great to spend some time with all our friends (Minus Morgan, missed you!)

And of course the day would not have been complete without some country line dancing! The wedding was a cowboy theme and everyone in the wedding party wore boots! If you look close enough you can catch a glimpse of Dad's shinny belt buckle. I wish someone wasn't so quick to kick off his boots! The two of them together were quite the pair! Love my boys!

Here are the majority of the boys plus/minus a few extra.
 SO congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Mac!

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