10 Months: 104.5

So our darling baby boy is now a whopping 10 months old and quickly passing 19lbs. But alas this special little day was not spent at the park or at the Zoo. It was spent on Mommy and Daddy's chests as our little guy fought a fever of 104.5. This was the first time he has ever really been "sick" so to speak. He has had a stuffy nose here and there but never out of commission, won't eat and passed out like a log! But to be perfectly honest I didn't mind it one bit. This guys is just growing so quick and every day he is becoming more outgoing and independent. It was nice, sadly, to have him curled up with me all day long, doing nothing more than twirling my hair in his chubby little fingers. 

There is plenty of time for fun and excitement. When I can I'll take a sick day!


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