Vacation: Bear Lake

So at the end of April we went out to visit with the family since they had been Grand baby deprived for nearly 3 months. We decided to spend a few days at the family cabin and just relax. It was so much fun to just hang out together, play games and kiss the soft cheeks of the most adorable baby on the planet!

While we were there I got some practice taking photos of my Mommy-in-Law and West. They were so adorable. She just loves him so much.

While we were there West got his first snow! Not just to see it like January, but to touch it, smell it and taste it!! I'm glad Daddy D got to be there. I feel like with work and school he has missed so many small things. I'm glad he manages to be around for all the milestones.

Oh and while we were away Daddy got to be in a commercial for alternative  medical practices for his Alma Mater. I couldn't photograph the commercial too great but what do you want. And of course I snapped photos at the weirdest expression.

And of course West got to sport the much loved Fohawk, courtesy of his Aunti Jo. Such a stud.

Last but not least there was a wedding but that will have to be a different post!!

Just in case you were wondering, yes we did find Derek's twin on television for a massage therapy school! Lol!

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