Easter Weekend

So it was our first child's first Easter. What did he think of it you ask? Meh! Easter is overrated. He made it very clean that he's defiantly all about the true message of Easter and not the commercial money pit it's become. Now you must be thinking that is quite the assumption to make about the opinion of a 9 month old baby. But here are the moments that brought me to that conclusion...

I'm looking...

 I don't see anything

Seriously Mom is this a joke ? I mean who hides eggs in potted plants?

Hey check this out. This is weird.

It's an Easter Egg? 

Well that's silly

Now it has to be pointed out that this was the only smile we got out of him the remainder of the hunt. It was nothing but "hold me", " don't put me down," I"'ll arch my back if I want to" sort of behavior. But what he really enjoyed about Easter weekend was the fact that he got to spend it with all his grandparents and Mommy and Daddy. We got to be together as a family and had the chance to hear some words from our Prophet and Apostles about our Savior. After all that's what Easter is really about! 

Isn't he a stud!


  1. I can't say that I blame him--what good is an easter egg when you can't enjoy the candy inside?! Maybe he'll be more into it next year when he can try some of the treats! :)

  2. such a difference this year! Easter was super fun with the egg hunt.


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