9 months

Introducing Mr. Nubb at Front bottom right center 
It's weird to think our little guy has spent nearly just as much time outside the womb as he did inside. It's been 9 months since he was born and he has grown so quickly. Everyday I see him learn new things that are helping to become an independent toddler.

He has recently learned that when mom gets your onsie caught on your head a gentle tug will uncover your face. He knows that a hat comes off his head much easier than it went on. He knows that socks are meant to be eaten, not to warm feet. And he now knows that even one nubby tooth can accomplish much in the world of eating.

That's right, our little man broke his first tooth this last weekend. It broke the gum line on Friday and by Sunday you could feel the tip of his tooth just by barely rubbing the gum. And although it's still not out in full force he has figured that keeping food close up front is much easier to chew. So to celebrate all that he is, we spent a day together. Playing, eating crackers, trying out cheese, going for a walk, getting new library books and celebrating 9 months with a BBQ. HIs little buddies Adam and Lily, who happens to be 11 months today, came to visit and play.
Little Adam(5 months) after a night of excitement!

He is growing so fast. And although Dad is ready to have #2 I just don't want to miss a thing. I love this boy more than I ever thought it possible to love a human being. And although sometimes, ok always,  he likes to grab at his jewels when they're freshly spackled in poop, I cannot help but laugh and smile. He is our son. And there is no other boy on the face of this earth that I would choose to be a dynamic duo with Dad to drive me absolutely insane and love more than anything in the world!

9 month stats are in:

19lbs. 1oz.
Totally achieving and exceeding motor skill expectations! 

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  1. I think Adam is starting to teeth too. He screamed his head off tonight! I'm going to have to steal that picture. Can't wait to babysit tomorrow.


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