Project 52: Date Nights

Do you ever feel like there isn't enough time with everything going on in your life to just give attention to your spouse? Well I do. The hat of loving and affectionate wife can sometimes fit a little too tight or not  all . So I decided we needed to set apart time for one another. To keep dating one another!

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That's right! For the next 52 weeks we have committed to setting aside a night each week at a certain time to just have a date. And with us in the midst of Mommy/Daddy-hood and ever mounting loans we are trying to keep everything practically free. This means a bit of creativity, mostly for Derek. So with our contract signed, yes there is an actual contract, we were to start in April.

Date #1: He forgot.

No that isn't the title of our date, he just forgot about it. Seriously! The very first time? Well you know me being the level headed women I am. I ripped up the contract in his face, dropped it on the ground and proceeded to express my feeling to me now soggy pillow. Did I mention BC makes me a little sensitive? LOL! So that evening I went to bed at 8:45pm and Derek spent the next hour taping the contract back together.

Date #2: Picasso
Luckily for me we have a clause about forgetting dates, first offense is 35 minutes of servitude.  Now although I had decided to let that first one go I immediately changed my mind when he forgot our date AGAIN!! Are you kidding me? REALLY!! So he spent 35 minutes combing a couple grocery stores to find my new favorite ice cream. But once he got back he had an idea and set up for our date.

It was Picasso night.  Each of us had to create a work of art in Picasso style of one another. This should be good and by good I mean ugly. Have you seen a Picasso portrait before. I have to admit this was a pretty good idea. So after much concentration, sketching, coloring and painting this is what we got...

Be sure to vote on your favorite Picasso! Personally I think he totally nailed the Picasso-ness! And wish us luck for next week. The 2nd offense was 45 minutes of servitude. But if he gets number 3 he'll be in big trouble!!!


  1. What a good idea! Though it doesn't surprise me that D forgot.

  2. Love the Picasso night. Your paintings turned out great.

  3. Oh man D! Two times in a row?! So sorry to say this A, but Andrew and I got a few good laughs out of this one. Love your pics by the way, seriously!

  4. I already knew you are artistic and creative. Now I know Derek is too. Great paintings!

  5. Love, love the patings and the idea! You need to frame those fore sure:)

  6. Love, love the patings and the idea! You need to frame those fore sure:)

  7. I like them both! So I have an idea - what if you just keep a number on the fridge, a "countdown to the next date night," ... you know, 7 days, 6 days, 5 days, etc etc etc, and then on your date night put a huge sign that says, "Remember, tonight's the night!" and your baby is cute by the way!

  8. ha ha = ) love this post! and I really love the art, picasso is one of my favs.


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