Hello GG

It has been forever since we got to go visit Great Grandma (GG) and this week was perfect. We all have been sick one after another since Christmas and we all know that when you are sick, recovering from a sickness or even think you're sick you DO NOT VISIT GRANDMA!! That's right. As she always says " I don't want what you got". So we were finally all in good health and made the drive down.  It was so good to visit. I love talking to my Grandmother about her life and listening to her stories. We usually visit for about 4 hours after we eat. And we were pleasantly surprised to find my cousin Rob there. He was so excited to see West. He and his wife are expecting a baby boy this fall. The two of them were a hoot together. It's easy to say that our little guy has a soft spot for girls and see's other males as his competition.

I'll definitely have to make a special effort to not get us sick from now on. I almost forgot what a great time we have visiting and just how much West's GG misses out on in such a short amount of time. He just grows so fast!

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