A venting post: Just plain UGLY

I must admit that over the past few years I have occasionally followed the Ugly Betty series and always quite enjoyed it. But for some reason this season and the last seemed to be crashing down a firey slope of immorality for whatever reason. The show use to have touching little stories but that is not longer the case. After many a sexual scenes this season I told my husband I was done. I just got fed up. I got tired of the lack of creativity. I means really, "we can't think of anything so lets have an episode where everyone is either committing adultery or having relations with felons". So I was done! Or was I. I admit it. I got a little bored today, well not bored but a bit under the weather. So I slumped my lifeless little body into my favorite rocking chair and thought "why not?". So I watched an episode and thought " Hey this isn't too bad". Of course the language was getting border line but somehow I let it go. Then I though "ok one more". And that's when it happened.

Ugly Betty had two underage actors partaking in a GAY KISSING SCENE! ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!!!!! Really! Kids. And their defense was to say that they were dealing with delicate issues that children face. I was so DISAPPOINTED!! Issues that over take children lives should be handled by their parents and family! Since when did television decided to take parenting into their hands? I couldn't believe it. I saw it, I paused it and then I searched. Was there and feedback on the issue. Of course, most people jumped for joy. People saying "it''s not like they're having sex or anything like that!" I mean really, it's ok as long as its not underage gay sex!! I can't even believe it.

Shortly after, I found out the show was being canceled. Not because of this episode but becasue the plot has been terrible and their ratings have dropped. Shocker! What once was a light hearted comedy has now become a trashy pointless show to join the the rest. I guess when you're getting canceled you can broadcast whatever you want. Just goes to show when I call it quits I should really stick it out.

Good-BYE Ugly Betty, it's too bad they didn't end it sooner!

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