Caught in the Act


Something crazy has occurred. Our son now has the divine talent of making a mess anywhere, anytime and out of anything!! Now to some it may seem like he was just perusing for a DVD to watch but I knew better. After all, his attention span is only about 10 minutes, so a movie wasn't very logical. So I watched for a minute and then called his name. He proceeded to stare at me with this big eyes and smile and started the trek to mommy. But I had to get a photo of him with his little mess. So I plopped him back in his spot of treasures and this was the photo I got instead...

Not really what I had in mine. But sadly adorable non the less. I can't believe how big this kiddo is getting. And how big of a mess he manages to leave where ever he goes!! Mommy-hood, there is a surprise everyday!

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