To teeth or not to teeth?

So every time I talk to my grandmother she tells me how badly I need to get Papa Bear some teething biscuits. But since I closed kitchen for a week it got put on the back burner. Well... I'm back, and its time to pay attention to the needy cries of my child! So off to baking I went. And of course it wasn't as easy as every one makes it out to be. Baking items to a crisp at 16 years old, easier said then done! Purposely baking things to a rock like consistency at 25 years of age, not so easy! And although they are not perfect, they'll do the job for now!!

And the verdict....

YUM! They are awfully cute though!!


  1. Grandma is happy to see that! OMG, he loves it!!

  2. How fun you made your own! And by the way, I just rediscovered that pan I've had of yours for like 6 plus months. Seriously need that thing out of my car and back in your home!

  3. Holy crap, he is adorable Angel!!! Add my new address to your roll, k? I am stupid and can't get into the old one now that I actually want to start blogging...figures! Anyway, love you lots!!

  4. ADORABLE little Wes!!! You need to come visit Aunty Aiona in Utah!!!

  5. Angel this is Jacob and Rachel's friend Jenny. I had a little too much time on my hands tonight and dropped in to blog stalk. I just have to tell you you are hilarious and I had a great time reading a few of your posts! Oh and your little guy-- adorable!!


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