Valentines: Be Mine!

So it was Papa Bears first celebration of love! Like he needs it. This kid has had more open mouth kisses that his dad probably has! Ok, not really but you get the idea. He apparently is quite the catch. So for Valentines we knew it would be a weekend celebration.As it was on a Sunday this year and we don't go out on Sundays we thought ahead. Personally I loved it! I loved not fighting crowds, not feeling bad about getting a sitter, and getting multiple events in exchange for one usual night out.
Papa at he party and then opening his Valentine from Abuelita! He got on from GG too but I can't find that photo!

On Friday we had out playgroup party which consisted of a group of mom's Indian style on the floor with the babies and a flock of children barricaded on the other side of the room. It was great. All the kids handed out their little valentines and were so excited. Papa especially loved the one with loads of glitter on, naturally he gravitates to things that are bound to be messy!
Papa's valentines he "handed" out.  Cute Ath, not too sure about the valentines!
Almost forgot the adorable shoes I made for Papa and his buddy Ath! We know they love Mom most!!

That night we scored ourselves a sitter, our new friends Mike and Amy. They are awesome! I don't know why but some how this guy can get our kid to pass out on his chest like it's a siesta bowel!! I can't remember the last time that happened to us. But hey, I'd rather him be on his best behavior for others, or they might never sit for us again. Anyhow, we went to PF Chang's (Thanks Noelle!).  

Now I have to be honest. Daddy isn't always very thoughtful in the ways of romance. Not that he's rude. But he is genuinely forgetful. And since we consider Valentines a rather made up holiday I didn't really expect much other than a typical date night. When he got home from work he had a bouqyet of flowers, purple, my favorite. Then he pulled out a bag, with 2 juicy chocolate covered strawberries. I was done! How sweet!!! Well he wasn't finished yet. Before we left he let it slip that he got Saturday off!! Hallelujah!! February has been unkind, so to have a Saturday off was great. SO after we lost the babe, it was just us! No line at the restaurant, no flustered waiter and plenty off good lighting! It was the perfect end to our Valentines day!

But wait, that's not all?? " So, do you want your gift now or later?" What!!! What gift, I got gifts! Are you serious? There's more!!!! Here it was the moment I had not expected. "Well, now!" Of course!!! What women would wait all night for another gift when she could swoon after her husband now!!???!! Then a long black box snuck its way from his pocket. SHUT UP!!! I was scared, nervous, excited and mostly shocked. My shaking fingers gripped the box and pulled it open. NO WAY!!!! And to my surprise this is what I found.

My push gift!!

Of course I had not expected this in the least! So, I had to wing it. Now I can't say what exactly winging it means but it was enough to convince Daddy that I hadn't gone without some surprises of my own. Plus, I don't want him to know exactly what I made up!! Ha! Then there was Sunday, the actual day of love. And more to our liking and habits it was a sweet and quiet morning. I surprised Daddy with heart shaped french toast and a card. But not just any card, but an exact replication of the first valentine he gave me ( And his mom made no doubt! Too funny!). Of course I had to tell him that but that's ok. I'm just grateful for my Valentine and our chubby little cupid!

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  1. You are so awesome Angel, good laws!!! Please tell me you didn't actually MAKE those shoes?! And, you deserve all those sweet things your hubby did for you!!! XOXO


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