New trick!

Much to our surprise our son is growing at an alarming rate. Just a few nights ago when I went to get him during a 2:30am cry fest this is what I found.

He was sitting in his crib!!

That alone was not as impressive had you not known that we put him to sleep on his back. How and when did he even learn that. So there you have it. He rolls, crawls, sits unassisted and can go from tummy to sitting in 60 seconds. Oh and I nearly forgot. Here is an extra photo for my friend Amy who casually said in church last Sunday " Geez, could you please make your kid shut up!" No she's not mean, he was just the only kid not crying. 

So here is proof that even my child has his off days!

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  1. look at that scowl he's giving you!!! too cute!! i want to squeeze him! :)


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