If he bites you they will come!

Although this photo hardley does justice to the catastophic changes that have been taking over our lives, it's symbolic non the less. Papa bear is teething...BAD! His teeth has whitened significantly under the gums since this photo but it's still pretty obvious. This last week was bad.  After a week of sleeping 12 hours, it began. Yes, lets wake up at midnight screeming bloody muder. Then back to bed, well it's 2am and far too quiet, how about some more crying? Back to bed with you again. Wait, you've been sleeping for 2 hours Mom!! How about the tears that flooded the earth and shrieking? Yea, well I was pretty tired the next morning and the couple same nights following that.

The sad truth is, my baby isn't going to be a "baby" much longer. With crawling, teeth and solid food in full swing, we're moving on to "big boy" status! Please shed a tear for me and say a few prayers while you're at it!!

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