"If life gives you lemons..."

Keep em', I mean they're free aren't they!?! Probably one of the wisest suggestions I've ever heard. Thanks Collin for the words of sheer wisdom. And why am I speaking of lemons? Cause I got them coming out my ears! First my mom gave me a few, then I bought a couple more (don't ask!) and then a good friend brought a dozen or so to me at the park. The dozen I split with a friend but that's still like 10 lemons. So I made 4 batches of lemon bars, 2 of which were a disaster and the other 2 perfection.  Then of course I had to enjoy a fresh glass of lemonade. The best is a generous portions of lemon juice with chilled water, a few ice cubes and a nice heaping tablespoon of sugar shaken vigorously in a jar. That's how I had it at a flea market in NY. The best!!! And lastly I just squeezed the remaining lemons to have fresh juice on hand when needed. And I'll be honestly, lemons bars are already starting to sound mighty tasty again.
Now this little vile is filled to the tippy top! Mmm...lemons (add mouth watering here!).


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