Old McDonald


Well no one told us that the silly old farmers little farm was filled with nothing but grouchy old animals who are picky about their celery! Ha! So this last week we took the twins and papa bear to feed all the animals at the little farm. After lots of driving, curves, hills, fog and more hills we finally arrived. Then we loaded up the kiddies and made our way to the animals. Let's just say that some chubby baby didn't like smelly pigs or bossy goats! One little lady doesn't like to have her celery snatched from her hand, or her lettuce for that matter. And there is one, just one, who didn't seem to mind the whole nut job idea of feeding large mammals!!
"What are you looking at goat!?" & " The produce Nazi"
Hopefully the two party poopers will do better next time!

I just love this photo of him! 

 The only one who enjoyed himself! Can't you see the excitement!

Well at least the twins had fun on the slide afterwords. Slides and swings make everything better! I had a couple great videos but can't figure how to load them with this new posting program. Any ideas?


  1. I was just telling Jen we should all go to the Little Farm together. Maybe when it warms up a little more...

  2. Hi,
    I'm Elder Folsom's Mom!
    I noticed you're friends with him on facebook and then saw your link to your blog...CUTE!!
    He has one nephew and a niece on the way.
    He's my HERO!!!!!



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