Breakfast Party

So early in January we had a breakfast date with some friends, with whom we haven't shared much time with. Given that their Dad was off in Kosovo, made it a bit challenging. Anyhow, the boys had a blast together. And even though they are 8 months apart they totally interact and play like they were the same "age". I hope we can start getting together more often.

Here is little J having fun in the exersaucer!

E and PB hanging around

What's that thing in my face? Camera?

Of course we can't forget the story of the day. Where my son received one of his first kisses, from a boy!! LOL. Little J thought it would be nice to give PB a little "peck". Well' lets see how that all played out...
Why is he so close Mom?
For all parties involved we though it best to not post the actual "kiss"! Haha! We don't want to get sued or called on by CPS! But here was his reaction to the assault.

"Not cool man. Don't ever do that again."

After the incident they soon made up and kept on playing and having a good time. Luckily kids forgive and most of all FORGET pretty quickly!

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  1. Pretty cool boys. I wish I could be that humble and just have fun.


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