BLURB: Our first book!

Only Joy fills my heart when I see this package being delivered to my front door!

That's right! After months of editing and computer glitches, crashes and overall agony, it is finally complete. Let's just say we'll be getting some more memory on this computer before I try another job like that again. But the book turned out great. To see my name on the binding was awesome. The quality was better than I had imagined. And although it's pricey, about $75 with tax and shipping, its a timeless piece of our families history that I know I will appreciate if no one else!

P.S: For those of you who are confused I got this blog you are currently reading published into a book, or rather a family journal documenting all of our adventures from the past year and a half! Eeekk!! So excited!

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  1. so you are totally going to have to bring that book back here utah and give me some quick tips and info about how you did that book! it looks darling in the pivtures but i have to see it in real life. and that keepsake is so freaking cute! im so jealous! where did your get that?


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