6 months

So 6 months have some how come and gone since the birth of our first born. Really, where did it go? Where did my tiny little baby go? Apparently he has been replaced with a 17lb 15 oz infant!! But we love this little quarter pounder just as much. So for his 1/2 birthday we had a whole calendar of events planned.

First we woke up, happy as can be of course followed by a culinary breakfast of fresh milk! Not photographed of course! After some reading and playing it was already time for a nap. But the awakening wasn't too welcomed...
After we calmed down a bit it was time to get cleaned up and changed. After we were dressed for the day we headed to the intellitainer for some cardio and music!
While he got his exercise in I decided to finish his gift. What was once an ugly photo album with neon pink paper as a background with a tacky silver sticker, was now a memorable keepsake!
It has all of his ultrasound photos from my pregnancy. Then it was time for business. That's right, it was time for our 6 month check up.

So of course that meant quality diaper time...

What kid doesn't like just sitting around in his diaper? This was the day PB discovered sanitary paper. You know the kind that covers the tables and such. He showed that paper who was boss! But karma has a way of coming back at you..


Let's say he wasn't too happy about that and gave his scowl to the Doctor. But within a minute or two he was good as new. After our visit we headed to school to say hello to Daddy and show him what a good boy PB had been. After we kissed Daddy goodbye we headed home for some lunch and more play time. Earlier that day Dr. N told us PB could eat food now that his was 6months. So we waited patiently for Dad to get home before we tried out some yummy rice cereal.




Eating had proved successful and messy! He really enjoyed it after the many months of torture watching us eat all the time. And heavens knows this will surely bring on the pounds that much faster. Well after dinner PB was in need of a bath. His first real bath to be exact. Not a kiddy bath or showering with mom and dad. But sitting up on his own in the tub with plenty of toys!!

"What are you looking at duck?"

Always modest!

Who would have known that time flies by this quickly? It just helps me to remember to enjoy every second with your kids and always have a camera handy!!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Papa Bear!!!


  1. You'll be sad when you future children see this post and they don't have the same documentation for their milestones. Ha! Unless of course you do this for all of your children.

    You truly are funny when it comes to these things, but you will be glad you did it (at least for the first child).

    I wonder what the celebration will be like when he turns a year?

  2. I love that last picture! He has such awesome eyes. Happy 1/2 birthday PB!

  3. You have a dang cute kid Angel!! I can't wait to meet him, we miss you guys!


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