Before I forget I have to give credit to contributors of this keepsake. One, is too our friend and Photographer Marielle Hayes. Second, is to our friend Rachel who made the blanket photographed in this keepsake photo.
I'm not too sure we'll do this for every child, because we might forget, but I'd love it if we could. We got this great impression keepsake frame to make an imprint of your baby's hand and foot. And in the middle is a photo of them. Of course I had to pay extra for the personalized name plate with his birthday!! If nothing else, the memory of the 20 times we had to keep starting over because PB decided to gouge his thumb in the putty or curl his toes for fun will be great. Not to mention attempt #17 where he decided to give the old "Live long and prosper" sign! Cute but not a keeper!! LOL. What can I say, I was being picky. But I did get that one on camera. All in all it made for a fun morning and a great way to celebrate 6 months with our little chunk!

Plaster!?! Ooo....I want to play

Hmm...not exactly what I had in mind! ;o)

Now for some final trimming and pressing. In case you are wondering this took a lot longer than we had anticipated!! but the final result was this wonderful keepsake!

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  1. Cute. Next time do it when they are newborns. Much easier that way. That's what we did with Z.


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