Christmas Eve: Part 2

After skying with our Elder we gt ready for dinner at my Aunt's house. As many people do these days we switch families every year. So this Christmas we got to be with both sides of my family. Christmas Eve was an eventful day. Just like most important days in our lives, since managing, there is always an emergency of some sort. Just the day before we had large amounts, a small river even, flowing from the 3rd floor in our building into the parking garage. Lovely! Anyhow, Christmas Eve wouldn't be ab exception. The water began to leak again. Cause of leak...broken shower head. Long story short, instead of arriving at families around 3pm we arrived about 5pm. Oh well.

After arriving late we just had dinner and got to it. We had a great time. We had our lovely family sarcasm which we can't live without, loads of recycled bows from Christmas's past, traditional holiday cookies and fudges and of course politics!! But there was something new this year.....wait for it......Children!! Both us and a cousin (2nd to be exact) have children now. Little Miss is just 2 years old now and our Chunk is just under 6 months. We hadn't had small children in the home since well, I was a kid! So without further adieu, here are some photos of the Eve!! Check back soon at my stream for more photos!

They just kept staring at one another! So cute!

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