Holly Jolly Christmas

Apparently we like red!

Well my baby's first Christmas has come one gone like the wind! And I can not even believe it. We got to spend Christmas morning together at home as a family, which I absolutely love. I think this will become a tradition for us too. It's just nice to wear our pj's and be casual without the noise and commotion of the crowds of loved ones. And although our guy really only got one gift, like he knows anyway, it was memorable non the less. We started a few years back this notion of a nearly gift-less Christmas. I think its helped us remember what we have and appreciate the lives we are able to live. So I got Daddy a few gifts from Santa, a belt, a tie, John Wayne movies and a lunch cooler. Trust me a lunch cooler isn't cool but it was well deserved. Daddy's been using a "Pirates of the Caribbean" lunch sack for the past 3 years with "This belongs to Derek" written on the bottom! Dad's been a good sport about it so he got a upgrade to the "big boy" sac. That should put a stop to the daily torment from his buddies!

As for Mom, I got a coupon to patch up a tacky planter box that is in our built in book shelf. It's a through back from the 70's, when the building was built. However, that coupon has yet to be fulfilled! And of course Brian Regan tickets. We love him, enough said!

After our morning together we headed to my Mom's and spent the weekend together. I wish I had gotten some better photos from her house but with so much going on I kind of forgot! So enjoy!

To daddy from his baby boy!

Wow toys...that I technically already got before I was born! YAY! Derek put these in the box with my tickets to through me off! But West didn't care, he thought they were awesome!


I almost forgot to mention his favorite gift. Uncle and Auntie Bing lent him this play center. He pretty much can spend hours at a time playing! And yes this was Christmas. That was the sleeper under his sleep sack. It says " My parents are TOTALLY cool!! :o) I hope he thinks so!

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  1. Now that I am retired and home all day, I have started making Rick lunches to take to work. His lunch sac is a baby bottle cooler sac from the Stanford hospital. It says Lucile Packard Children's Hospital on the front of it.
    I'm glad W likes his new play center!


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