Christmas Eve: New Traditions (Part 1)

One thing I have loved so much about being our own little family is that we have been able to create our own family traditions. last year we began our tree cutting tradition so this year was no exception. WE though since there were a few of us in the neighborhood no going home for Christmas or who had no plans for most of Christmas Eve that it would be fun to get together. SO we hosted our first Christmas Eve breakfast.

We had french toast, waffles, with fresh fruit, home- made whipped cream and sausages. Now I can't lie. We had a little difficult in the waffle department. Some how somebody forgotten to spray the waffle iron. Hmm...it's apparently important after all. Seeing for it look a lot of effort and a few minutes to pry the darn thing out of the iron. Two other families came and we just had a good time. I love our friends. Each one is wonderful and just so special to us. Not to mention funny!
JR & W

JB Familia & W

After our friends left we had something even better to look forward too. SO here is one thing... we're Mormon!! If you didn't already know that then we must not be very good friends at all!! LOL! So it might not come to any shock to find out that my brother-in-law is out serving a mission... in Mozambique, Africa!! Yea...I know! Well for whatever reason this year their Mission was being permitted to Skype home. So our family was super excited. Although we weren't with the rest of them he still got to Skype us to since we are his immediate family. Now there really isn't much to talk about to Missionaries when they call home but its just great to hear their voice. I mean how much can you really get out of 8 minutes? But for us we were just so excited for Al and West to see each other for the first time. That was probably our greatest gift this Christmas!

Waiting for Uncle Al

Priceless! LOL


  1. Love that last photo! Andrew's family always does a breakfast...it's a good tradition to start. We attended the 9th ward a couple weeks back and were so sad to have missed you guys! It was just past Christmas so you probably were off somewhere. Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Oh that is the cutest baby! I totally understand the rapture in being West's parents. I want you to know that you two have given me hope of being a grandmother too. That picture with Greggie was pretty special. All the pictures are special and I love seeing the family you are. You can just feel the love in the photos of the three of you. You know that Greg and Dani are truly engaged now and the wedding will happen around October sometime. Nicole and Patrick's date is August 28 (Brittney's birthday). I love you guys!!! It was fun at Thanksgiving, but too short. Call your Aunt Noellee. Love you so much!


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