Mama Mia

So if you ever had my lasagna you know that I'm not very good at cooking it! In fact I despise my Lasagna, that is until recently. I came across a recipe on the internet that called it "The BEST Lasagna in the World". Always a lie in my book. I mean have these people tasted every lasagna in the world!?! I don't think so. But I figured it had to be better than the red glop that I called lasagna. After hours of preparation and anticipation this is what I got...

Ok..so the bread sticks weren't part of the recipe. But what is lasagna without some extra buttery carbs!! The lasagna was great. It was nice and hardy, not too runny and not too dry. Now I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it "The BEST Lasagna in the World" but it will definitely have a spot in my cook book until that masterpiece is one day discovered!

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