Showered in love

Where do I begin? My friends are the best! A couple saturdays ago they threw me a shower here in O-town and it was probably the best little shower I've ever been too. I mean shish kabobs in chicken and shrimp, fresh fruit platters and salads, bruschetta , salad, cheesecake, tea sandwiches and not to mention to die for individual chocolate bunt cakes with chocolate sauce and raspberries! Seriously....I was in heaven!! Everything about that shower was just so thoughtful and carefully planned by 7 amazing ladies. So to them...THANK YOU!

And of course we had fun games, a little chit chat and a lot of laughs. I'm truly blessed to be aquainted with each and every one of those women! Then of course the finale to all showers was the gifts! I have to tell you it is so akward for me to be the recipient of gifts. I know, weird cause I'm a girl. But I just feel terrible and spoiled! :o) But I had to tell myself they're for our little guy so it's ok! All I can say is that I was taken back by the generosity, thoughtfulness and time put towards those gifts! I barely could keep a smile on my face.

I'm so lucky to have my sisters in the gospel. One day I know I'll be able to repay them, somehow. Who knew a fruit salad, a book about a stream and a little quilt could be the type of things that could bring you to tears?

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  1. What an awesome shower! Definitely better than anything I could come up with! You deserve it; with all the showers you have given everyone else!!
    Are you getting nervous?


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