Full Term BABY: 37 weeks

You know the end is near when people start saying " Look how fat you are" or " OMG your ankles are huge...look at your feet!". No I didn't make those up, they were actual comments I've recieved this week! Lol. But the good news is we've reached the point of no return. We are officiall full term. For those who didn't know, since we hadn't told too many folks, we were really trying hard to keep this guys from coming early.

At my 30 week appointment I found out I was dialated and starting to efface. And my MWis pretty chilland doens't ever worry so when she told me I needed to take it easy and lay off all excersing I knew she meant business. Her goal was to get another 4 weeks, minimum, of cookin' time. She has been a MW since she was 20 or so in Taiwan and has been doing this now for over 35 years! That's experience!

So here we are now 37 weeks along, 2 cm and 80% effaced (well on thur.). Then although we noticed him dropping a few weeks ago, we had a big drop this weekend! Yea...its like caring a ton of bricks in you pelvic region when that happens! Even though all this could mean nothing and I could go well past my due date, we're just excited he didn't come early! THe MW said anyday now! Weird huh!?! Well since I've never been in labor before. I wouldn't normally think he would come earlier but seeing how D's family just left the country for vacation I think it would be just the perfect way for him to start his story by deciding to come out right after they left! Just their luck huh!?!

So that's the update. Here is the photo for 37, sorry 36 never made it! Now we just wait!!

Full term: 37 Weeks


  1. cute, cute! How exciting, only a couple more weeks or possibly days...who knows? You just know it's here. Wish I could've been at your shower, looks like tons of fun and yummy food. Miss ya! Good luck.

  2. The last two babies born in our ward were 5-6 weeks early. I'm glad you made it full term! Congrats and good luck on the big day when it comes!


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