35 Weeks: Home stretch

So there really isn't a whole lot to say. I'm now just over 35 weeks pregnant with very little time left! No the nursery isn't done. No we still haven't picked out a name. No we haven't installed a car seat. But yes we finally got his bassinet set up! Slowly but surely. After my shower this weekend we'll be able to finish up. That ways I can wash all his clothes and get everything organized. I can't believe its nearly time. Needless to say things will never be the same!!

Week 35!

Now we're going to celebrate with a little fin..A's game here we come! it's going to be my first game since I've been pregnant and it'll be our last game together without our little bambino!


  1. I know it was just a type-o in your post but you could name the baby Finn! That's a really cute name.

  2. yea for Derek letting you set up the bassinet!

  3. That's an awesome belly! Only 5 more weeks, yea! Before you know it, life will be completely different, 100% better!

  4. Wow, time flies by fast. I'm excited to see you guys tomorrow!


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