Little Guy's Latin Shower

So last weekend was our family baby shower. I had been so excited for it since I knew the menu consisted of rice, beans and carne asada. My Apa makes the BEST carne asada in the world! Of course I'm sure every person says that. So Saturday came and we were excited to get moving...until we got a call from at tenant at 7am!

Umm...basically it stated that there was flooding in the courtyard. So Derek went to go check it out and flooding was an understatement. Our laundry room was 2 inches deep in sewage water. The kind with poopies and toilet paper in it! NASTY! So 2 hours later we got the flooding to stop but at the cost of shutting off all the water to our building. When we finally got a hold of our plumber they said it would be an hour, which of course turned into 2 with no phone call. Eventually we figured out the problem after having to search every apartment. Once it was solved hey said we could turn our water back on. AWESOME! I can shower and get to my shower. Well too bad the guy didn't think about the cap he broke off our major sewer pipe. Since the clog wasn't dug up yet every bit of water we all used after the go ahead flooded into our corner parking area under 4 of our cars. Yup....more of that fresh poopie water!! Anyway, we still were able to shower and get a move on.

We arrived at my shower at 4pm. It was supposed to start at 1:30! Talk about fashionably late. But my family is amazing and with one phone call they all rearranged their schedules. We had such a great time, even thought the fresh guacamole was gone by the time we arrived, along with a few other items. I got to see family I hadn't seen since our wedding and we got TONS of baby diaper wipes!! Oddly enough that made me so excited! :o) So here are some photos from the big day....minus the poopie events!

Totally cute decor! Clothes line with little socks, hats and onsies!

My little diaper cake!

More clothes lines

Party favor onesie cookie & cutter

Momma and Daddy

Me and my sister! We're practically twins!


Me and my aunt

We met in diapers and now we're putting them on! She was the only poor gal that didn't get the memo about our emergency! She was there at 1:30...promptly! Lol

All the primos! 12 out of 14 accounted for and I'm the eldest by 8 years!

Another little cousin! His mom asked if he wanted to take a photo with me and he just sat down next to me and put his head on my belly!! Too cute!!

It's ironic that a day to celebrate the birth of our little guy started with poop! It's unusually appropriate, don't you think!?! too bad we didn't have the 4 cases of baby wipes that morning! Ha. And in case any of you are still wondering I really don't have a sister! But I bet you believed it for a minute! We seriously look a lot a like! I LOVE her to pieces as if she were my sister... if only, if only!


  1. Super cute! And fun. Don't you just love being a manager some days? We had adventures like that when we were in Concord. At least D was home to help and not at clinic!

  2. What a fun shower! No wonder you are so good at giving them, look at how much work your family went to. That totally sucks about the flood. EEEWWW!!! That would so gross me out, beyond belief. You're almost done! Only 1 more month.


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