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A really good friend of ours from church recently moved into a new place downtown! Total kitchen envy!! BUt I know one day I'll have more 2 feet of counter space, one day! Anyhow we showed up to his party and WE got a gift! His parents and himself got us a little stuffed animal for our little guy! It was SO dang cute and organic!! I've heardsleeping with a stuffed anial before you give it to you bab helps pacify them in the night! I'll have to try it!
Then on moday we fed a senior missionary couple that happen to be one of D's first bishops back home. We had a great big turkey dinner but the part that really was great was dessert! Isn't it always now a days? I made my very first coconut cream pie! Soo yummy if I say so myself. But then again I eat ANYHTING! But D said it was his favorite that I've made so far so I guess my stomach wasn't too far off base.

And lastly we've finally been starting to get ready for our special delivery...the baby! So today I washed a bunch of his clothes, caps and other randome items. And now I'm really starting to feel antsy about getting things in order. Last night I just about fiished getting everything we need for the hospital. You never know when he'll come and I've decided its better to be prepared than throwing everything into a grogercy bag when I'm in the middle of contractions. ANd heaven's knows you can't expect your hubby to get your bag together...not a good idea!

Finally today I decided to make some baby leggings! These things are so dang cute and so practical for the winter and what not. So while out and about for slippers for my hospital bag I found some knee high's on clearance from target. Simple and plain dark khaki! I think they turned out great and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more stockings! Hard to come by I've found. So that's all for now!

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  1. Angel - you are becoming quite the little housewife, cook and crafter. That coconut cream pie looked like a picture out of a magazine. I'm so excited for you and Derek. You little one will soon be here. I just can't believe this. Did you ever decide on a name yet? Love, Aunt Noellee


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