"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"

So I have to be honest and make a small confession. I totally thought D was going to slack on my birthday and do nothing. And since I'm a little emotional right now, and always, I had a little pity party for myself Saturday afternoon! Lucky for me naps exist and I wake up not remembering why I'm angry or upset! Lol.

I can't even believe that my Birthday has come and gone! I always used it as a marker for the arrival of our little guy. But it came and left like that! So what did I do. Let's be honest, the last 3 years were kind of flop birthdays. Not that I don't have fun but D is the king of last minute details. Like one year it was "hey your birthday is tomorrow and my parents called to say they canceled their time at a condo in St. George so if you want we can go." Things happening by accident or shear luck is his game. So I thought this year would have to be different. Well...not really! Lol but it really came together almost as if he had actually planned it! :o)

But to start I have to give my sweet friend a big thank you! She was the very first one to wish me happy birthday and got me the cutest bracelet. I TOTALLY love it and have worn it at least 3 times already. Too bad my fingers get more swollen making it harder to get my hand in. Oh well...temporary set back

So Saturday we decided to finally walk down to the O-town farmers market since I had never been. So we took ourselves and a crisp 20. It was so awesome! The walk was nice, down hill at least and it was a chill morning with a touch of sprinkling. I don't know why but I love the rain. We tasted tons of great fruit, almost bought a tomato plant, bought some squash and got ourselves some pastries! After some spring roll action we headed back.

My fruit tart! Yum!

Yummy squash! Had it for lunch with steak!

When we got back derek finally gave me a gift that I have been begging for for months now! More shelves in my hall closet so I could have extra room for food storage! I'm such a dork! Plus with this growing tummy and back aches it harder to reach so high for heavy items. And I hate always having to get a chair especially with my declining balance.

Tah Dah! Only took 2 months of begging and complaining!

Earlier during our walk we, with derek's suggestion, decided to eat at our little goto Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. But around 6:50 D starting rushing me and I thought for a second what if I said I didn't want vietnamese after all. But I didn't. Good thing cause when we got there some super good friends of ours were waiting for me! Best gift ever, great friends and a great meal!
To top it off the whole resturaunt staff came out singing a very pitchy and thickly accented version of "Happy Birthday" after the meal with a beautiful white cake covered completley in white chocolate shavings! I just loved it. We cut the whole thing up and gave a piece to anyone in the resturaunt willing to eat it!

Nope...totally couldn't blow them all out! LOL. If i tried I would have spat all over it. Just isn't much room in the abdomen area for all that breathing! Thanks to my Little Guy!
Here we are after dinner at home. I realized at dinner I had forgotten to bring my camera. Bummer but a firend captured some moments on his phone! Thanks J! The night was great. Of coure this was the day before my birthday since we don't go breaking the Sabbath just because someone has a birthday. So Sunday morning I slept in and woke up to these beautiful flowers sitting on the table! LOVED them!
For breakfast, since we were running late, we made breakfast together. Possibly the best breakfast ever! Bisquits with country gravy and sausage. Of course I'd usually have eggs over easy too but that's on the no no list for another 7 weeks! But it was served with a side of cantekoupe! Yum!

So about about dinner for sunday, how about another beloved breakfast item! French toast! Remeber here that D was doing the cooking for dinner so for a last minute dinner on a sunday this was pretty dang good! Ha.But birthdays aren't complete without a little family. D's family clled and sang to me on sunday and on Monday we went out to my Mom's for a BBQ with the Abueliotso's and some gift action. All and all my birthday turned out pretty spectacular. It's funny how it always ends up spannin over a few days. D always jokes saying its my " Birthday week". But hey, what's wrong with that!?!

My Fav! Already up on the shelf in the nursery!

Me nad my cute Mom! Man we do look-a-like!


  1. Wow, good job, Derek! I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  2. Happy Late Birthday Angel!


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