Full House

This last week some really great friends of ours came out to stay with us for a week since her hubby was graduating from the Podiatry program. Yup, he's doctor now! It's weird to think that will be D in just 2 years! Wow, it really is going by so quick. Anyhow, I didn't get too many photos f us but we had a great time catching up. Some of things we did included:

-watching movies, TAKEN... pretty dang good film
- playing canasta....girls won OF COURSE!
- Eating Chicago Uno's pizza...world famous people
- Girls walk around the lake like old times
- Atending the Doc's graduation

And although this wasn't a highligh of their trip it must be noted that their poor little girl was SO terribly sick almost the entore trip. SHe spent half her time crying in screaming in torment! It was so sad to see her misserable! Just wait till it's my baby!! Anyhow, it was so good to catch up with our friends. We are so proud of the long hours they have put in to get here and know that they'll do great in residency! Love you guys!
I wanted to post a cute and happy photo of cami!

How much do they love this pizza? They drove an hour in traffic to get it and 45 minutes to bring it back home! Lol

Cami wasn't having it. Best photo we could get! :o)
The graduate! With the cutest fam ever!

Did I mention I saw my old VT comp!!??!! Gosh I miss you!

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