Week 33 and nameless

So we found out we were pregnant on November 6th 2008. By the time we went in for our appointment I was 7 weeks along. Well now I have less than 7 weeks left...6 to be exact! I can not even believe that in 6 weeks I'll be holding this little guy in my arms! But we're so not ready yet! I know don't need to have the Nursery ready yet, but I definitely won't have time after h comes to finish or while our family is visiting. Plus I'd really like D and I to finish it together! Lame I know, plus like he really cares! He's just waiting till he'll be able to toss a ball!

And did I mention we still don't have a name!?! I'm sure it's normal to not have a specific name but we don't even really have any options. Granted we were planning to make a final choice once we see him but things aren't looking too hot! So if you can leave us a comment on this post with 3 boy names you like. These will all be seriously considered for our list. PLEASE!!! And if you have more than 3 go nuts!

Week 33!

Moving on, here is my photo from last week. I don't really see a huge difference over the past 3 weeks but I'm sure the pounds will be packing on me like a camel here in the next 2 weeks or so. Oh did I mention we went our birth prep class saturday!?! First off, an all day intensive class is way too long without a nap in the middle!! Especially when your hubby is bored half the time. But all in all I found it very informative and I'm glad we went. I'm not too glad about paying as much for it as we did but I'll never have to take it again right!?!

That's it for now. I'm super excited for next weekend! Why? BABYSHOWER....latin style!!! That's right how many showers have you been too where they serve rice, beans and carne asada? Well they do when you una Mexicana. Before then I'll be sure to post my week 34 photo from today! Till next time


  1. Andrew and I both agree Brigg is a pretty cool name;)

  2. My favorites are Truman, Grant, Kimball, Dustin, Luke, Lincoln, Dallin, and Ryan. I hope that helps :)

  3. You are looking great! I know you feel big, but you are actually pretty small compared to most people. You'll find a name, I promise!

  4. Names....so hard to come up with. I can't even think of any to suggest. I can't believe you only have 6 more weeks. It's going to fly by. Are you getting uncomfortable at all? The last weeks are some of the hardest. You look great, not big at all!


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