Congrats Grad!

The weekend before last we were able to make it to my sister-in-laws graduation from Dixie. Although she doesn't know if she passed boards yet, which is impossible that she wouldn't, she is officially a Dental Hygienist!! So we all got to go to a nice sit down dinner in their honor where all the students were officially pinned with their Dental Hygiene pins. The next evening was the actual walk to get her diploma. We are so stinkin' proud of her.

I seriously am so intimidated sometimes by my family! D becoming a doctor, J now a dental hygieniest and Peppa heading out this summer to D.C. for PA school! I mean...seriously, is that a good bunch of kids or what? I guess once the favoirte child comes home from his mission next summer we'll see if he follows the health profession suite! Does it count that I was applying to Nursing Shool!?! :o) I mean I had great intentions right!?! Lol. Anyway, her are some photos of us at the festivities!
tAfter being pinned!
Aww..family shot!
That's some mighty big contrast of the red and blue!

Oh and the only reason there isn't a photo of all of us together is that I hate having rando strangers take a photo for me! it never looks good, its always blurry and its just not very flattering of anyone! SO they take one for us but I never post them! Why aren't there ever people who know how to take a decent photograh at special events! Lol. I'm just particular I guess!

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