So apparently you can't go to Southern Utah without taking the pregnant daughter-in-law on a 2.5 mile hike! I'll tell you, i held my own and stayed up with everyone but man oh man was I tired after wards. And that's not even saying whether or not they were all going slower than normal to keep me encouraged. But I'll never know. Either way I was lucky it was only like 80 degrees that weekend instead of 90 or 100. The trail was really great and Zion Park is just so pretty.

Holy cow! No not me! Someone we didn't know actually took a pretty good photo! AMAZING!

This was called the worry rock. You have a worry, put a rock with all the others and it's gone. Down side, you knock anyover you get stuck with everyone elses baggage! :o)

Maybe I should hike more often. That week I only gained the needed 1 pound per week instead of doubling or tripling it!

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