A really good friend of mine fro Utah and I are pregnant together. Cute right!?! So I wanted to make her a special gift for when we went to Utah for our joint baby sower. They are a totally fun adn more "rebelious" couple so I saw some fabric at Jo-ann's and it totally had Cash written all over it. That's what they've decided to name him. Anyhow, here is a photo of the finished product.

It was a recieving blanket with the skull pattern on one side with that dark red flannel on the other side trimmed with a satin border. The little bunch on top were two burp clothes, one in the red and the other in the skull. And she totally loved it! It also happened to match her stroller set which was black and red! BONUS!


  1. It turned out really cute! Good job :) Glad she liked it.

  2. Haha that's super cute!! I like that name...Ca$h!


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