Three dollars!?!

About a week ago some friends from our my photo class and I decided to head to the carnival to get some shots in order to practice shutter speed. Great place to go right? Well yes...if you have a tripod! We got there and asked if we could just go in...nope....3 bucks! I immediately didn't want to go in given our recent and firmly founded level of frugality! But there was just no way of getting shots without going in. So after reading the "No pregnant or intoxicated people" sign we headed in. I really tried my best without a tripod. I sat on the ground super still and took multiple shots. And while they seemed ok when we were there in my small display window the results weren't exactly great when I got home. So the only shot I really have that demonstrated the cocept of movement and no movement was this guy!

Its ok! But I guess I'll be getting atripod this weekend!

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  1. Still a very cool photo, yet kind of haunting. Getting one in black & white would be very haunting giving it an old timey feel.


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