Kitchen closed!

So I went through a really bad phase just before 28 weeks where I didn't want to do anything! No cooking, cleaning, crafting etc. I was utterly useless and the house was just a mess. So I was inspired when I saw an easy recipe for kids meals for dinners and thought "that's easy enough". So I tried one out and I really liked it. It's rolled up lasagna!

I only used 6 pieces, what I had left in an open box, some left over ground beef from the night before and other "leftover" items to stuff it with. All and all it was easy because I already had little bits of everything in the fride and they came out really tasty! Granted I didn't follow a recipe. I figure it was self explanitory. Roll your stuff instead of making a casserole! THings started to pick up after that and now I'm back on the horse. In fact I believe that was the bump before the "heavy" nesting phase. But I'l post more about that later.

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