Third trimester here we go!

So its official, buddy (our little guy as we affectionately call him) and I have entered the final phase...the 3rd Trimester!! I cannot even believe how quickly the time has passed. And while 12...more like 11 weeks is still a good portion of time it is nothing when I think of all the things we have yet to do. But we're so excited for him to get here. I swear the growing process is now so rapid. Some mornings I wake up and feel like I've gained a couple inches on the tummy! Anyhow, after this photos I'll be wearing the same outfit each time so I can really see just how drastic the weight comes on here in the end. What you've been waiting for...

Week 28!

P.S: Why is it that he loves to move the most between 3am and 6am? I mean really...it's like he's practicing for the Olympics in there!

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  1. He's just breaking you in for when he gets here. That's most babies favorite time to be awake, 3am-6am. Luckily he's courteous enough to give you a little taste of his upcoming life!


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