Twelve to Twenty Nine!

I had mentioned I would start wearing the same outfit , or top really, from now on for our photos. So here is my 29 week shot right beside my 12 week shot! I'm really starting to see the extra weight come on ALL over! My face was way more slender before, which is to be expected. But all in all I think I'm doing alright! Not to big, not too small...just right! You definitly appreciate your slimer you once you've lost it and gained a few pounds! Too bad she'll probably never come back! LOL. OH WELL...it's a good trade off I think!

29 Weeks!
Old me...12 weeks!


  1. You are such a cute pregnant lady :)

  2. You are right, totally worth it!

  3. Angel! I found your blog through a trail! You are pregnant! Congrats! I wonder if Derek has told John yet! You look great! Ben still asks about you!


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