Mandy & Me: Part IV

Needless to say there will be no photos on this post. We went to the aquarium in Golden Gate Park but when we got there I realized my camera was dead from our long adventure in the sun. So no photos of all the neat fish! Poop! I was totally bummed. But then at lunch I found forty bucks so that helped!

After SF we went shopping for Mandy in Walnut Creek since the shopping in Utah is limited these days. She found plenty of clothes she loved. And that forty came in handy when I craved Aunt Anne's Pretzels and found out they only accepted cash! Yay for me! And it scored me a new skirt, which I totally love and is great for this growing tummy of mine. So we had a good time. Here it comes everyone, the last day of adventure! Where did we go? What did we do? What did we love most? You'll see!!

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