Jelly Belly Zoo time!

I'm finally finishing from day three from my visit with my friend! It's been a busy couple weeks around. So here are some of my favorites from our trip to the Zoo and the Jelly Belly Factory.

Here favorite Jelly is Popcorn!

It was so awesome, we went to day hello to B at the Zoo and she invited us in to feed the Giraffes! It was so much fun! Even though they lick you to death trying to get the food. One guy kept licking my belly. It was the closest thing to him I guess. But it was so awesome!

So this was possible the most exciting day but I was dead tired after we left! There is a lot more weight to carry around when you're pregnant I've learned. Stay tuned to my final day with Mandy!

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  1. Fun Picts! I still haven't been to the Oakland Zoo yet- I've been wanting to go too! It's always fun to have a friend come out when you're away from everyone huh? I miss my best buds.... anyway- We should probably pick a day for doing lunch in walnut creek for Jen's baby- how does Sat, Wed. 25 at 1pm work for you? xoxo


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