Mandy & Me: Part VI

The week of fun and adventure stops here people! What better way to end her visit than by going out to SF for the day and visiting ALCATRAZ!?! Of course she had never been and was super excited to go. We originally wanted to do the night tour but it sold out before I purchased the tickets. Oh well. Had we done that I might not have gotten any good photos of the island. I had such a good time too. And since I had been already I let D and Manda just roam while I took time to practice my photo skills.

After the tour we headed to pier 39 to get some dinner. I had been waiting patiently all day to get a chowder bowl so I was totally excited! We ended up picking Bubba Gump's and when we went to order...NO BREAD BOWL!!! What the crap! How can you be a sea food place and not have that. So I scoped the menu the whole night and only ate a side salad :o( I was so bummed. I still haven't gotten my chowder. Soon I hope!

While we waited for dinner we visited a friend from church at work. She works at the pearl factory. She kept telling D to get me a necklace or something and he browsed for a minute. But I don't really wear jewlery. Then we saw some beautiful earings. He said "oh yea those are nice" "I should probably get those for you....for you birthday!". What a cruel husband. I explained that I thought he was being romantic and getting me a sweet "I'm so happy your pregnant with my baby gift" or something to that effect. Just then, he pulled out his wallet and said we'll take 'em. I was so shocked. He never does things like that and I felt so special...and spoiled! To celebrate our friend gave us a choice of an oyster for free! Each one is guarnteed to have a pearl. How big...ehh...it just depends. So I picked the first one that caught my eye and I'm sure glad I did!!

That beauty was nearly double the size of the average pearl you can get in any oyster! And it was a beautiful cream color with just a slight rose coloring. We still haven't mounted it but one day I'm sure we will. To wrap up the night we stopped by the grocery store to get me some dinner...you guessed it...

Apparently I just needed a little calcium to help me forget that bread bowl! :o) Seriously thought I read an articel that said sometimes you just need to have ice cream for dinner when you're pregnant! Honest truth! So that wraps up my fun filled week. Too bad the next week I had to work 9 to 6 everyday paiting apartments! Oh well...enjoy the good with the bad. Then have a bowl of ice cream!!

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