Mandy & Me: Part III

Day three was without a doubt the most exausting of our days together. WE walked and walked and walked and walked some more! WE got up early in order to make it to a 9:30am tour at the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield. It was SO much fun. Seeing allthat candy! Mmmm! And as a side note I might get gestational diabetes after all this. E ate so much candy and sweets while she visited! Was it worth it? WE'll see if our little guy is pushing 9 or 10lbs in the delivery room! Anyhow, we had fun and tried some Jelly's at the sample counter. Mandy tried vomit and earwax!! LOL! She gagged so bad. I tried booger with her too! Weird! But we got plenty of yummy flavors and even got all the nasty ones in asample bad for th hubby. Not telling him of course what they were. Too bad I wasn't around when he ate them. ONe mornig he just said " man those sample Jelly Beans you got were NOT good at all!". When I told him he said I was so sick and then laughed.

After our tour we drove back for lunch at Barneys yet again and then ran over to the Oakland Zoo!! I have never been there! It was so fun. WE even saw two turtles consimating their love! LOL! They make very unusual noises in case you are wondering! But the highlight was seeing B at the Zoo while she as working and we got to feed the Giraffes! It was so much fun. A little sticky and dirty but so fun!

Here is a teaser photo for now! I'm to tired to go trough all of the photos just yet. There are so many to choose from!

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