Mandy & Me: Part II

So day two of our adventures my friend Many and Me decided to head over to the Oakland Temple since she had never been. It was a really great day out and you could see all the way out to SF. WE had originally planned on catching a St.Patty's day concert in downtown Oakland but we slept in like you should when you're on vacation. I'm not Irish so I wasn't too bummed. But we did make sure to wear something green in case there might have been a pinching natzie somewhere in the bush!

After the temple my buddy who works at Pixar gave us a tour. I had already been but this ie was almost cooler. Around the building they have drawings and sculpture and storybards of movies. WEll this time they had ones from their newest film that hasn't come out yet! So we got a sneak peak of UP.

So my buddy had some trouble with the flash so I decided to make this into a 1950's esk newspaper hero photo! I think it looks pretty cool.

After the tour we thanked my buddy and headed back home for dinner. Although we are not Irish our family always has the traditional St.Patty's dinner...Corned beef and cabbage! YUM!! So that wraps up day two.

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  1. Looks like you two had tons of fun. The photos are beautiful of you two on the Temple grounds. I love the B&W photo! Too funny that you also had corn beef and cabbage. Did you check out my blog, I posted some pics of our dinner as well. Where is your Irish Soda bread?


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