Happy Easter & 27 Weeks

I promise that this will be my last blog posting for at least the next 72 hours. Just this one catches me up so I couldn't resist. So Sunday was Easter and it was great. For the obvious reasons of course but there is a special meaning for D and I on Easter. Easter of 2006 is when my sweet hubby proposed to me by hiding my engagement ring in an Easter egg! It really was so cute! Ans despite what he says I totally thought, or was hoping, that's what he was going to do just a few minutes before I opened my "special" egg. So I only thought it would be appropriate to take a couple pictures of us this Sunday to document a small anniversary of ours. And to not break the promise I just made I'm going to include my 27 week tummy shot too

He is so cute!

Man I'm super lucky! Isn't he such a hottie!

27 Weeks!

Well 3rd trimester here I come! Lets see just how big I'm really going to get. Wish me luck everyone cause here come the pounds!

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  1. I didn't know Derek proposed that way! How cute!


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