Ketchup: Part 2

My very first entry on our blog was almost a year ago and I was writing the story of how Daddy and Mommy to be met. We'll I never quite finished. So if you want to recap here is Ketchup: Part I. So we left off on Thanksgiving Day.

Ketchup:Part 2

He then responded by telling me that his lovely family actually spent this Thanksgiving at Apple Bee's. Apparently they had an early Thanksgiving for some reason and his mom didn't really feel like making another dinner. That's just to funny to me. I didn't know restaurants were even open on Thanksgiving. The next week or so was spent chatting. We would message each other once a day and tell little things about ourselves to just get know each other. Then it happened. And of course there are 3 sides to every story...his side, her side and the truth! I remember saying "we should chat sometime" in an email. Well he thought I meant on the phone. What I intended was IM chatting. I though it was a common enough term but then he asked me for my number. I didn't want to say "no that's not what I meant" so I just gave it to him. To this day he still says that I insisted on talking on the phone.

Here's where things get interesting. The next week I was flying back home to California for a court hearing of a guy that I had dated, then not dated, then kinda date and then was just friends with over an eight year period. Why was he incarcerated you might ask? He drove home drunk on Christmas morning the year before and crashed into an old blind lady's house, through her bedroom wall, landing on her bed where she lived with her daughter who was deaf! Of all the houses right!?!

So needless to say he had had a rough time and to top it off his mom and step dad couldn't make it out because both of them were diagnosed with cancer right after he was locked up. This really is the saddest story. So since I was close to him and his mom over the years I really wanted to be there. So I flew out. But while I was gone I get a call from my best friends/roomie Pop Tart back in Provo. " I got into an accident!". Okay people stop crashing into things! So of course my spare keys were in her car which was smashed and now towed. So guess who didn't have a ride home from the Salt Lake Airport back to Provo the night of December 7th, 2005? Me! And guess who knew just about no one in Utah to pick her up? Me again! So who's number did I decide to call? His!

To be continue, again...

Oh and here is the photo that he first saw of me! I wonder if he thought I always dressed like this?

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