WOoFuM New Years!!

So we have spent a good portion of our hang time with our friends J&R. Actually 3 football games in a 8 day span plus New Years. I'm sure you can guess the football games were the husbands doing. But what ever gives me an excuse to make a 7 layer dip is ok by me. Mmmm.....dip!

Homemade dinner courtesy of J&R!! SSOOOoooo stinkin good!
Yummy game night dip! I think I ate a quarter of it myself!

Anyhow, we had a great time. Then there was New Years. Three couples got together for a little dinner and some Plasma viewing and then just four of us got ready to head for our "woofum & fireworks" party. These things were awesome! They are a family tradition from J's side so he shared the magic with us. Long story short: they are like the ultimate roasting stick with a huge wooden stopper at the end to cook biscuits on. Then you fill them with anything you want....like chocolate! ;o) And they call them "woofums" because you have to woof it down quick before it falls apart and gets in your nose! It was awesome.

Sweet! I was just as bad but w/ whip cream IN my nostril!

He liked 'em alot!

We set up at Treasure Island by some benches with our little fire and ate till the countdown. Then we washed down the woofums with a bottle of Martineli's. I was super proud of myself for making till midnight. Too bad I fell asleep the minute we got into J's truck. I tried! Well that was probably the most exciting New Year's we had since we got married. Not that hanging with your in-laws and their friends playing board games isn't a hoot! But Happy New Years Everyone!

Fireworks and Derek trying to sing!

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