It's official: There's a bun in this oven!!

So I was thinking that I can't just dance around this big news. Exactly two months ago today we found out that we're having a baby! As you might notice by our little timer we're just heading into our 2nd trimester. We found out the first week of November that we were pregnant and it has been super hard not to tell anyone. Especially when the hubby is super low on the sympathy of morning sickness and major fatigue. But we finally got to tell my mom the Sunday before Christmas and his family on Christmas Eve. It's been quite the world wind. Here are some shots from the night I told D'rock. He wasn't he when I found out.
"The test"

So that same night I told our friends Shae and Ty that we could babysit so I had like 1 hour to figure out how I was going to tell D. I didn't want him to get home before me and see it and I not be there so I made him walk to their house where I was sitting. He was so annoyed since he was hungry and wanted to go home and eat. Once we got home he eventually went down the hall to our room and read the sign. "What's this?"
Hello, it meant I was pregnant dork! Then we hugged. His eyes glistened for like 10 seconds but that was it. Then here came the heart wrencher. " Did you take another test to make sure it's not a false positive?". My heart sank. I hadn't. So I moppingly went to the bathroom and was just anticipating a negative result. This was my response to the second test.

But D being the sentimental fool that he is, not, got back to real life while I ran around the apartment like a gitty school girl. The look in this picture below is priceless. I know he was excited but only he could find out his wife is expecting their first child and immediately after think " Hmm...I think I'll go brush me teeth now". (Side note: he brushes like 5 times a day!)
So life will needless to say be a little different from here on out. I think I'm finally passing the morning sickness feeling and have finally been able to eat that past few days without the uncontrollable urge to vomit. So wish me well and look for "Baby Florek" coming July 12, 2009 to a family near you!



  1. Yay! Congrats! I'm glad you're getting past the nausea stage. That's so miserable. Good luck!

    P.S. I think the not being as excited thing is a guy thing. NYDD was in disbelief until Peanut was born.

  2. How exciting! Are you starting to feel a little better? Morning sickness sucks! Hopefully it's passed. Congratulations, so happy for you.

  3. We got your cute Christmas card when we got home on Monday. I'm so excited for you guys!!!

  4. Such a fun way to let Derek know! Congrats! You guys will be great parents!! And Jr. will have immaculate teeth.

  5. How very exciting! I just caught up on your blog and am so happy for you both!


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