Little flutters and kicks!

For the first time today I actually felt the baby kick! Or whatever he/ or she is doing down there. I felt as if someone had kicked the tiniest little soccer ball at my uterus with all there little fetus might. It got my attention. But it was still very deep to the skin and a quick feeling. SO I sat still for a good 20 minutes waiting. I felt that same kick about 3 or 4 times ( questionable because I was on the phone when the first one happened) and then I felt a small moment of flutters. It was so amazing. Just to know I can feel that is amazing. To have proof of a little one wiggling around in there is such a miracle. I can't wait until my hubby can feel it. Until then I'll have to rub it in his face and get him super excited!

To have a life INSIDE of you is truly a gift from Heavenly father. I can't believe I'm so lucky to be a women and experience this in my life. (insert tight and scratchy throat feeling here)

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  1. Congrats! That must be awesome. Let's hope your hubby really is excited when he feels the baby kick and he doesn't just go brush his teeth!


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