Our gift exchange!

So my cute hubby built all this hype about my gift this year after we decided not to get gifts for one another. WE did that last yearand actually loved it. So the sunday before christmas we had an early dinner with my mom and the Evan's. So we decided to exchange our gifts. Mind you I barely bought his gift the night before and had no idea what to get him. So he opened his first. Indiana Jones the Movie Collection. Score! He loved it. So did J.
Then came my gift. I opened it. Oh our tv and DVD controllers! He tricked me to throw me off. So I looked more. He said open that little tissue thing. So I did...nothing! What, ok seriously if he got menothing after all that hype I was totally going to return his gift. Then I saw it, a little envelope....with tickets to Wicked!! So awesome. I really thought he didn't getme anything. What a dork. Anyhow, those were our gifts.
I was getting a little excited!


OK, seriously wher is the gift!?! This is just tissue

Tickets!!! My look is shock with a combo of "I totally would have killed you if there was nothing in that stupid box"

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  1. You guys are so silly! Life is never dull at the Florek's!!
    I wish I could go see "Wicked!"


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